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Global Healthcare & Data: A TED Talk


Collecting global health data is a seriously difficult feat. Not only does it require traveling through all countries and climates, but it requires individuals to go to some of the most desolate, poverty-stricken parts of the world to collect information. Hoping that this info was accurate, they'd then put it into computer and try to make smart, large decisions based on what little information they had. It's important to encompass data from all possible sources - even when it seems impossible to access.

If Company Slogans Were Honest...

honest company slogans monopoly

...they would probably be a lot different than what most are.

3D Printing Has a Heart


Sometimes, a two-dimensional idea just doesn’t work.

Lessons Learned from Ads


You can market the same product for fifty years, but as long as you're changing the way it's marketed to the consumer, you can change just how well it performs in stores. there a difference between real value and perceived value? How do we know what the difference is between the two? Can we even recognize it? And -- if we can recognize it -- is it possible these values can change how we perceive other aspects of our lives?

GameTime Tags


Interested in creating a new loyalty program? Want to incentivize fans and sponsors of sports teams? Want to keep people engaged and aware of your team schedule? Want to bring your custom designs to life?

Why Salespeople Should Be More Like The Breakfast Club

breakfast clubMike Dixon is one of our team's newest salespeople learning the ropes at Universal Wilde. He'll be guest-blogging every so often, so check back for more witty writing!


Fooled Ya!


Wilde Agency is big on human behavior. In fact, it's the foundation of our agency - we pride ourselves on the work that uses the science of human behavior to get people to take action. We have completed copious amounts of work that have been proven to be successful, thanks to behavioral psychology.

Olympic Frenzy, Revisited


With the Sochi Olympics underway and the Opening Ceremony occurring tonight, the whole country (okay, the whole world) is abuzz with Olympic frenzy.

What's Your REAL ROI?


Seems like all people want these days are results, results, and more results.

Postal Rates...Going Up, Up, Up!

See how your directmarketing is affectedby postal increases

All USPS rates increased as of Sunday, January 26, 2014.

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