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How to Break Up Your Work Week

combine logos

Feeling like you’ve hit a midweek slump? If you’re free on November 20, let Universal Wilde, Digitas, and NEDMA solve that problem for you.

Sports, Shaving, and the Art of Cobranding


What exactly is cobranding?

Mass Communication...or Miscommunication?

Daily News

Media has become a mass communication tool, placed at the center of our society.  Today, everything that we do ends up in the media – whether it’s through mainstream, such as newspapers, or just social networking, such as Twitter.  Regardless of the media method, everyone’s using media to learn and be aware of important information or events.  Although the media is successful in informing people, it is also important to notice its flaws. Due to many media companies competing for the most efficient (and watched) news coverage, it often becomes a race to see who can deliver the information to the public the quickest.  As a result, news teams are constantly making mistakes and delivering misinformation every day through media.  Although the occasional slip up may not seem like a big deal, it has single handedly affected the lives of many people that have been in the media spot light. 

Data + Major League Statistics

2013 MLB All Star Game Logo

With the MLB season at its halfway point and the all-star break underway, projections about the remainder of each all-star’s season are being developed by statisticians and sports analysts.  In order to make these difficult projections, data is collected, studied from previous seasons, and combined with the first half of the current season to be put against a full season stat line.  Although these predictions are not always on target with every player, the numbers are closely accurate in many circumstances.  Thanks to statisticians releasing this data, sports analysts can make these projections in the middle of the season for spectators to see and understand the pace of certain players.  

Connect, Develop, and Learn From P&G!


Have you ever considered external partnerships to accelerate innovation in your company? That's exactly what P&G did - and as a result, they've developed products like Swiffer and Duracell Powermat!

Universal Wilde Gives Back: the One Fund

one fund

Over the week of May 20 Universal Wilde held bake sales for the One Fund at our facilities throughout Massachusetts. One bake sale was held per day in each of the locations and at the end of the week we raised $710 to donate to the One Fund.

Five Thing Friday


Five Thing Friday

HT Brand Channel

Five things we've read (or seen) and liked this week:

Tis the Give Back

2011 coats for kids resized 600

At Universal Wilde and Wilde Agency we understand the importance of giving back. It gives you that “warm, fuzzy feeling” knowing that you’re helping someone out or making the world a better place. Philanthropy isn’t just good for those who are receiving – it’s good for those who give, too, beyond the “warm fuzzies” you feel.

MITX Presents: FutureM Boston

Future M resized 600

Social media. Marketing. Food. Forums. Beer. Presentations. Discussions. A meeting of the marketing and media minds. Has your interest piqued yet? Universal Wilde will be attending FutureM in Boston this October, from the 23rd to the 26th. What is FutureM?  We’ll explain it like this: it brings a one-of-a-kind experience to marketing and media fanatics by displaying and debating the evolution and future of marketing. Every program at FutureM is different and they will give FutureM attendees a sneak peek at how marketing and media changes will affect business overall. If you choose to join us at FutureM this year, here are some of the people you can plan on seeing:

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