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Movember: a Growing Trend


Talk about a hair-raising experience - Movember has taken over yet again. No, it's not just an excuse for men to toss their razors for a month and let their facial hair grow however it may. Turns out, Movember's been around for ten years!

Mass Communication...or Miscommunication?

Daily News

Media has become a mass communication tool, placed at the center of our society.  Today, everything that we do ends up in the media – whether it’s through mainstream, such as newspapers, or just social networking, such as Twitter.  Regardless of the media method, everyone’s using media to learn and be aware of important information or events.  Although the media is successful in informing people, it is also important to notice its flaws. Due to many media companies competing for the most efficient (and watched) news coverage, it often becomes a race to see who can deliver the information to the public the quickest.  As a result, news teams are constantly making mistakes and delivering misinformation every day through media.  Although the occasional slip up may not seem like a big deal, it has single handedly affected the lives of many people that have been in the media spot light. 

The Relationship Talk...For Social Media


Our society as a whole is based around relationships; in today’s business world, it has become crucial for people to become comfortable and active in social media as part of their relationship building process. If social media is used to its full potential, it can keep you in contact with current customers while also finding new prospects.  Although this may seem like a less personable route to meeting people, social media has proven to be a highly effective way of handling relationships.

2012 According to the Internet

2012 in review

Happy (almost) New Year!  Since the world didn’t end on December 21st, that means that we’re bidding farewell to 2012 at the same old time.  And as a new year approaches, it’s natural for people to look back on all the events that happened over the last 365 days, both in their own lives and in the world.  Luckily, since we are in the technology age, we don’t have to think too hard to remember all the things that happened throughout the year – the internet (and particularly social media) has documented it all for us! Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the countless other platforms out there, we can easily look back on our year and reflect on just how much our lives have changed.

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