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Change The Way You Look At Logos Forever


Have you ever wondered why logos are drawn the way they are? Or have you ever looked at a logo quickly and thought to yourself, "Gosh, I thought I just saw something..."

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What's Your REAL ROI?


Seems like all people want these days are results, results, and more results.

Data Mining and Linguistics (2)


You’ve heard of mining data for better marketing and advertising – but what about for forensic linguistics? Can you mine words and letters to reveal more about your consumption habits?

Data Mining and Linguistics (1)


You’ve heard of mining data for better marketing and advertising – but what about for forensic linguistics?

Holiday Marketing Spend


‘Tis the season…

Monday Fun-Day: Marketing


Marketing is not getting any easier. It’s not just the fact that expectations are high for results, which has always been the case. The proliferation of data, channels and technology forces us to divine the right marketing methods at the same time we’re developing new strategies for reaching customers and prospects. It’s enough to run you ragged.

How to Break Up Your Work Week

combine logos

Feeling like you’ve hit a midweek slump? If you’re free on November 20, let Universal Wilde, Digitas, and NEDMA solve that problem for you.

Movember: a Growing Trend


Talk about a hair-raising experience - Movember has taken over yet again. No, it's not just an excuse for men to toss their razors for a month and let their facial hair grow however it may. Turns out, Movember's been around for ten years!

Sports, Shaving, and the Art of Cobranding


What exactly is cobranding?

The Relationship Talk...For Social Media


Our society as a whole is based around relationships; in today’s business world, it has become crucial for people to become comfortable and active in social media as part of their relationship building process. If social media is used to its full potential, it can keep you in contact with current customers while also finding new prospects.  Although this may seem like a less personable route to meeting people, social media has proven to be a highly effective way of handling relationships.

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