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3 Common Mistakes Of Direct Mail Marketing

Wed, Apr 25, 2012
Marketing strategies to save your campaignsImproved direct mail conversions is a goal for most direct marketing services. When creating a direct mail campaign, there are three often overlooked opportunities.  These are simple things that could enhance a marketing mailer, lead to greater conversions and result in a more effective and efficient program.  It's all about the bottom line, and improved direct mail conversions means improved return on marketing dollars. 

"You had me at "Hello"..."

Just like the old Jerry Maguire line, you have to entice your customer into opening your invitation and engage the prospect into reading the information you are sharing.  

1. Have a reason for the recipient to want to read more.

Just creating a mailing does not assure that the recipient will open it.  You should have a fundamental reason that the information you are sharing is important.  Dated material is important.  Announcements are important.  Changes to programs are important.  Make sure that the information is presented in a way that the recipient recognizes that by not reading the material they are "missing something".  Fear of loss (of an opportunity) is a huge motivator for people to respond to your direct mail campaign. 

2. Create an interesting envelope.

You lost the customer when your envelope looked just like every other piece of junk mail.  So often, a marketer spends time and energy working on the message and the appeal of the direct mail piece, but the envelope is an after thought.  Consider at the least, having the envelope be a bright color, or an unusual size.  The envelope should complement the message, yet it should also be important since this is the one single tool that will either engage your prospect to open or toss.    

3. Personalize the letter. 

There is nothing as sweet as one's own name, but there is more to personalization than just adding a name to the header.  Consider the vast amount of information available in your database and make your mailing smarter!  If you divide your customers into lists of prospects, you'll begin to see that there are patterns that emerge from buying habits.  If you share items that are of interest to that audience, you can improve your penetration and market share and sales. It's all about using what you have more thoroughly, and making the direct mail marketing promotions really provide a personalized value for your audience. 

We're curious what you think. What campaigns or direct mail pieces have you opened?  Which have you tossed?  Have you seen anything that you felt was particularly enticing?  Awful? Let us know!

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