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5 Tips That Will Get Your Email Campaigns Read

Fri, May 18, 2012

In direct marketing, you would be in danger of thinking like a dinosaur if you didn’t have a multi-channel mindset. The core principle of successful direct marketing is driving your audience to a specific "call to action." and getting them to take action. C  Documents and Settings sullivanj Desktop CzG9lWG46ix69a0xB6vAjESKo1 400

Direct Mail is certainly one channel to deliver your direct marketing message. But depending on how your customer prefers to receive information, you will likely use other channels like email, social media and mobile.

There are countless tips ranging from design to deliverability. Today we’ll focus on 5 best practices that will ensure better engagement with your marketing message. 

1. CTA CTA CTA–As mentioned above, a criteria of direct response marketing is to provide a call to action.  Display the CTA multiple times throughout the email including the beginning, in the left or right nav bar and at the end of each content block. It’s a dangerous assumption that the recipient will read your entire email and click on a CTA at the end.   

2. Just the Facts-  Sometimes marketers feel that they need to share the whole story when readers really just need the cliff notes to take the next step. Out of respect for this tip, I shall say no more.

3. The Almighty Subject line – There is no better place to dial up the "What's in it for me?" than in your subject line. The tightrope you need to walk is between providing enough intrigue that motivates someone to click and learn more while giving enough detail that proves your message is relevant to the recipient.  A couple additional tips while you walk the tightrope:

  • Keep it short – 6 words or less (between 40 – 60 characters) is ideal
  • Spend as much time crafting an engaging subject line as you do the email content

4. KISS – We’ve all heard this acronym before. And it certainly applies in email marketing. The best designs for email marketing are simple. They don’t overshadow the message and there is a method behind the madness that directs the recipient to the intended CTA. Some things to consider while designing your email:

  • Limit the number of fonts to make the email easy to read
  • Use color sparingly for emphasis and white space as a resting place for your eyes

5. Design to Scan – You’ll have roughly three seconds to get to the point real quick before the dreaded X button is clicked and your email is deleted. Therefore, meet the recipient half way and create a layout that makes it easy to scan and get your message across. Visual nuances like bold text, short paragraphs and bullet points are great ways to punch up your content and make it digestible for the reader.

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