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Innovation and Investing in the Future

Wed, Dec 05, 2012

If there’s a constant theme at Universal Wilde, it’s always been investing in the future.  Back when we were still Universal, our CEO Bill Fitzgerald assembled our sales team and drew a map of everything involved in how the marketplace was changing.  He outlined the needs of our customers, showed where we stood, and how that fit with what our customers needed.  From this, his vision of “Thought to Distribution” was born.

Thanks to this vision, we’ve been able to keep up with — and even stay ahead of — our customers’ ever-changing and evolving needs.  We’ve expanded beyond basic offset print to mail, fulfillment and distribution, promotional products, digital and variable printing, an agency and more.  None of these things could happen without investment in the future.  This investment does not happen without risk, but the risk has always been part of our make-up.  After all, if you just stand still, no progress can be made.  That progress is now taking another turn.

New equipment

At our Hopping Brook location in Holliston, MA we recently purchased brand new equipment that will be instrumental to some of our biggest new client work.  Two of these high-tech machines are for card attaching and inserting (pictured right), and they are outfitted with special cameras for product matching and verification.  The second type of equipment is for die-cutting and laminating custom cards.

This equipment represents another significant investment in our future.  It not only gives us the opportunity to improve our own technological capabilities, but it expands the opportunities and solutions available to our customers as well.  Just as the past investments we’ve made have helped us grow into a completely full-service communications partner, we’re confident that these latest additions will propel us even farther into the future alongside our customers.  We do not stand still at Universal Wilde. Stay posted for even more news about these investments and other new opportunities that make a difference for our customers.By the end of this year Universal Wilde will also have a new Roll Color Digital device.  Roll Color Digital means white paper in, with full variable color out.  Although we have cut sheet digital, the throughput of this new Roll Color device is significantly more powerful in its ability to produce full variable color output. We still need cut sheet color for the shorter runs and drawer pull work, but for longer runs we’ll have a new device in our arsenal.