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Tis the Season...to Give Back

Tue, Dec 11, 2012

At Universal Wilde and Wilde Agency we understand the importance of giving back. It gives you that “warm, fuzzy feeling” knowing that you’re helping someone out or making the world a better place. Philanthropy isn’t just good for those who are receiving – it’s good for those who give, too, beyond the “warm fuzzies” you feel.

Turns out, philanthropic actions have a positive psychological effect. A research study done by Harvard University showed that being charitable positively affected willpower and physical endurance of those who did a good deed. A separate research study done by Newcastle University showed that those who were generous with their money were more well-liked and trusted – and at the end of the study, they had more money than they started with!

At Universal Wilde and Wilde Agency this holiday season, we are partaking in four separate charitable events:

1)      Coats for Kids  is an organization run by Anton’s Cleaners and is in its 18th year of 2011 coats for kids resized 600operation. Coats for Kids distributes gently worn coats, free of charge, through over 80 local distribution partners in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire to those in need of warm winter clothing. Wilde Agency’s own Sharon Martin is a volunteer for Coats for Kids and is collecting coats, ski pants, boots, scarves, mittens, and hats that are new or gently used – both in children and adult sizes. This year’s Coats for Kids drive runs from October 15, 2012, to January 12, 2013.

2)      Thousands of families in Massachusetts are unable to afford food – and this time of year, food banks have a high demand for all types of food. Universal Wilde has set up boxes at each of our locations in the lunch rooms and cafeterias to collect nonperishable items to donate to food pantries and shelters. While our pantry donations are TBD, we are still looking for canned foods (meat/fish, fruit, soup, beans), pasta, cereals, nut butters, and more. Weymouth Food Pantry has an excellent list of items that food banks accept (and don’t accept!).

3)      Our goal for this holiday season is to donate 2,500 trees to the Nature Conservancy. Our holiday card campaign invites recipients to take a photo of yourself or an officemate with any kind of tree and to upload it to our site. You’re invited to participate as well; click here to help us plant 2,500 trees!Christmas In The City

4)      Wilde Agency’s own Lianne Wade organized a team from the Agency, plus our President and Marketing department, for Christmas in the City. Christmas in the City is an entirely volunteer-run organization that assists families seeking help in the holiday season by distributing toys to those in need. Christmas in the City is in its 22nd year and has thousands of volunteers participating each year. Even better: Lianne’s daughter is our team’s coordinator this year!

Are you giving back this season? Let us know and you may be featured on our blog in January!