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Tis the Season for QR Codes

Fri, Dec 21, 2012

Many companies this holiday season have opted to include QR codes in their marketing efforts. Target decided this October that they would tag the Top 20 Toys of the holiday season with QR codes and have them be available via the Target smartphone app. The best part about this? If you ordered one of these toys using the QR code, they were offering free shipping. Talk about making your holiday season less stressful!

Best Buy's been doing this since 2010 in their stores, offering gimmicks that went along withtarget store logo the scanning of a QR code. In November, PayPal started offering linked QR codes to many major companies; individuals could scan the QR code and purchase the product, no matter what time of day, using their PayPal account. This seems ideal for impulse buys, being able to purchase items when brick-and-mortar shops are closed, and for when you don't have your wallet on you and want to buy something anyway.

QR codes, in this instance, are a blessing to the vendor; should an item be sold out, especially in Target's case, the consumer could simply look for it at a different store. Instead, the chances of the customer being swayed by free shipping are high. Since they won't have to look further or spend more money on shipping, they'll most likely purchase it at Target. Target won't lose a sale because they're out of stock in-store.


Have you run into any QR codes in your holiday shopping?

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