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2012 According to the Internet

Fri, Dec 28, 2012

Happy (almost) New Year!  Since the world didn’t end on December 21st, that means that we’re bidding farewell to 2012 at the same old time.  And as a new year approaches, it’s natural for people to look back on all the events that happened over the last 365 days, both in their own lives and in the world.  Luckily, since we are in the technology age, we don’t have to think too hard to remember all the things that happened throughout the year – the internet (and particularly social media) has documented it all for us! Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the countless other platforms out there, we can easily look back on our year and reflect on just how much our lives have changed.

2012 in review
Although social media has been growing for several years, it seems to have had a particularly strong impact in 2012 on marketing, politics, and society as a whole.  To help demonstrate the importance of social media in our lives this year, Facebook has created “Facebook Stories.”  Here, you can see your own personal “year in review,” captured through pictures, your most popular status updates, and statistics such as how many friends you added.  
You can also browse through Facebook trends from all over the world in nearly every category, from most listened to songs, to most-discussed political figures. You can even compare countries to get a more global picture of the effects of social media.

Offering another online perspective of 2012, Google made a powerful video summarizing the year’s events through search.  Like Facebook Stories, it’s amazing to see how much the internet has shaped the world (and vice versa) in one short year.   

What did your online life look like this year and how will it change in 2013?

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