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'Tis the Season to Spend

Tue, Dec 24, 2013

No matter what your holiday plans are, there's a very good chance you'll be spending a large chunk of change this season.describe the image

It's a good thing that the average US consumer is confident in the direction the economy is going in, because the average holiday spend this season is up 9% from last year. There are a lot of questions that marketers want answered about this spending..

Where the heck is all this money going? Is it being spent supporting local stores? Charities? Online? How much of spending this holiday season is influenced by price? And -- GASP -- is Black Friday really a thing of the past? (I personally disagree, given what I witnessed this year...)

Deloitte has done us marketers the favor of surveying consumers annually to see what their spending tendencies are going to be for the upcoming holiday season. Conducted between September 13 and September 23 this year, it's interesting to see what people said ten weeks prior to Black Friday (versus the actual statistics that are being revealed now).

Interested? Check out the infographic here.

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