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Going Postal Over Mailings

Tue, Dec 03, 2013

Earlier in November the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC)  ruled that Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcoding (IMB) constitutes a rate increase when implemented. Supposedly in effect on January 26, 2014, automated price discounts are being delayed until PRC says otherwise.

What does this mean for direct mailers? Well, it means that the ability for USPS to promote indexnew technology is hindered -- and that means that the value of direct mail pieces won't be fully enhanced until Full-Service IMB is adopted in more places. However, with the rate increase, it's going to take longer than desired for IMB to be adopted by more direct mailers.

Universal Wilde is Full-Service IMB and has been for years. To see more about the details of Full-Service and what we do with it at Universal Wilde, click here.

What are the benefits of Full-Service?

  • Additional per piece discount on every mailpiece that is full service
  • No additional cost for address corrections for full service mailpieces, providing mailers with NCOA information
  • Tracking services through reports and scans
  • Container, tray and mailpiece visibility
  • Annual permit fees waived -- if 90% or more of cumulative annual mailings are full service


There are even more benefits to Full-Service mailings; for more information on whether or not your company can benefit from Full-Service, visit http://ribbs.usps.gov.

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