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Tue, Feb 25, 2014

Interested in creating a new loyalty program? Want to incentivize fans and sponsors of sports teams? Want to keep people engaged and aware of your team schedule? Want to bring your custom designs to life?

We can do all that for you - and more! We're proud to introduce GameTime Tags, a product that Universal Wilde has helped develop and market utilizing Universal Wilde’s Teslin printing http://gametimetags.com/img/logo.pngcapabilities. GameTime Tags are wallet cards and key tags that drive awareness to students, fans, alumni and sponsors.

The GameTime Tags design often includes a season schedule, artwork featuring mascots or athletes, sponsor images, promotional offers, and/or scannable items. QR Codes, bar codes, and magnetic stripes can all be added to provide fans with promo-tional offers, a link to the team’s ticket page, or easier access into games. There are several designs that we offer for GameTime Tags, and we are open to any custom pieces that would fit the needs of our clients.

GameTime Tags are used to increase fan awareness, which ultimately increases revenue for the school and sponsors. In many cases, non-revenue sports engage in promotions like this to increase fan participation at their games.

We are also proud to announce the launch of our official GameTime Tags website: www.gametimetags.com!

Get in the game...with GameTime Tags!

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