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A Word With the Postmaster General

Fri, Dec 13, 2013

 Direct Mail depends on the US Post Office. Yes, this is an obvious statement. At the same time, some are concerned about whether the Post Office can remain a viable institution.

Not the Postmaster General, however. He’s optimistic about the future of this unique public private institution and those of us who help our customers market through the mail should feel that optimism as well.

This is partly due in fact to direct mail's role changing. It's evolved into a methodology where marketers can interact on a regular basis with their customers. Direct mail accounts for roughly 21% of mail sent out annually. When you realize that about 80% of commercials on TV aren't even seen anymore by consumers (thank you, DVR...), direct mail looks to be a more and more appealing avenue to take for marketing.

Check out this great interview in the Wall Street Journal where Patrick Donahoe explains how to master the art of private-meets-public institution, price increases, labor changes, and much more.

Article can be accessed here.

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