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Multi-Level Engagement... at the Movies!

Tue, Mar 25, 2014

As an avid movie buff and serious super hero fan, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the premiere of Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  If you don’t know who Captain America is or haven’t seen any of the latest Marvel Studios movies (ie. The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, etc.), I will bite my tongue and direct you to the nearest Redbox so that you may begin your movie education.  Really, they are good!

While scanning my Facebook several days ago, I came across a post by the Captain America fan page.  I had “liked” the fan page months ago when they first premiered the trailer for the new movie that’s slated to come out this April.  Since then, they’ve kept me updated with a ton of clever marketing, including movie stills, behind the scenes content, trivia, a countdown until the premiere, and most recently, a post with a 3D image of Cap charging out of a movie poster.  It grabbed my attention and I needed to learn more.

The 3D image of Cap, played by actor Chris Evans, is only seen by using the “Captain America Experience” augmented reality (AR) app.  To use the app, you simply hold your smart phone up to an image of the latest Captain America: Winter Soldier movie posters and the 2D print image becomes a 3D image.  You can rotate and peer into it to see the action packed backdrop filled with explosions, helicopters, and state of the art military jets.  If you weren’t excited about AR before, you will be now!


The AR app is another marketing initiative to get people talking about the movie, with the hopes of generating free word-of-mouth marketing.  The concept of the app is to get movie-goers to download the app, take a picture with 3D Cap, and post it to their Twitter or Instagram with #CaptainAmerica.  The top 10 cities with the most social media posts win an early screening of the movie.

To “re-Cap”, Marvel has successfully engaged me through their Facebook page, I downloaded their app, uploaded a picture to my Twitter/Instagram page, and I’ve started to spread the excitement through word of mouth.  I even hung up a picture at work because I had so much fun with it and have been showing EVERYONE the pic of me and Cap saving the world together.  Well done Marvel marketing, see you in April!

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