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Semi-Annual Blood Bus!

Posted by Jennifer Kearney on Fri, Nov 15, 2013

Every two seconds, an individual needs a blood donation. One blood bank donation can save up to three lives. The average blood donation takes 10 minutes to complete – and donating blood takes only 1 pint of our 10 pints in our body. There’s a consistent deficit in blood banks and an unrelenting demand for blood; it’s needed for surgeries, babies, anemic people, chemo patients – so many people, and yet, there’s a constant shortage. Most importantly, there’s a major deficit in blood banks in the summer and winter seasons.

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Topics: Universal Wilde, thank you, philanthropy, volunteering, Red Cross

How Sweet: Universal Wilde Gives Back!

Posted by Jennifer Kearney on Tue, Feb 19, 2013

Last week, we held four bake sales for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley's Family Fund. What is the Family Fund? It's a program that works year-round in the Greater Boston (and Merrimack Valley) area to provide families with emergency food, emergency shelter, utilties assistance, financial education, and more. It's truly a wonderful program and we were very fortunate to participate in their fundraising efforts this year.

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Topics: Universal Wilde, thank you, philanthropy, volunteering, giving back, United Way

Tis the Give Back

Posted by Jennifer Kearney on Tue, Dec 11, 2012

At Universal Wilde and Wilde Agency we understand the importance of giving back. It gives you that “warm, fuzzy feeling” knowing that you’re helping someone out or making the world a better place. Philanthropy isn’t just good for those who are receiving – it’s good for those who give, too, beyond the “warm fuzzies” you feel.

Turns out, philanthropic actions have a positive psychological effect. A research study done by Harvard University showed that being charitable positively affected willpower and physical endurance of those who did a good deed. A separate research study done by Newcastle University showed that those who were generous with their money were more well-liked and trusted – and at the end of the study, they had more money than they started with!

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Topics: holidays, Universal Wilde, thank you, philanthropy, volunteering, giving back, Boston, wilde agency, Nature Conservancy, Coats for Kids, Christmas In the City

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