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2016 Insights + Trends: Shift from Multichannel to Omnichannel

Mon, Jan 11, 2016


To cap off our 2016 Trends and Insights Series, this week we are talking about omnichannel marketing. If you’re not already thinking about making the move from multichannel to omnichannel, then 2016 should be the year you decide to do make it happen for your company. Why, you ask? Let us break it down:

More than just interacting with potential customers on various platforms, marketers are going to begin this shift to better offer customers a true continuity to their experience. With more and more touchpoints available to interact with brands, there has to be feeling of congruency across each point. Marketers are now tasked with a customer who can come to them via a website, a social media account, a phone call, an email, a piece of direct mail….the list goes on.

When it comes to the direct mail component, marketers will need to ensure that all correspondence has the consistent look and feel of a website, app and email that the consumer is also receiving from their company. Direct mail that creates positive and successful interactions must encourage immediate engagement, by providing details including hashtags, one-step app downloads and more. It must feel like a piece of the existing experience, seamlessly communicating the same messaging, look and feel as the brand does everywhere else the recipient sees it. For example, if a piece of direct mail offers customers the ability to access their account or find further information via a web portal, then the web portal should look exactly like the piece of mail. From the tone of copy used on both, to the colors and branding – the customer should already know what to expect when they log on to the portal. It should overlap with the experience they had when they opened their mail.

The brands who truly provide an omnichannel experience across the board will see a development of customer affinity and loyalty which, as all marketers know, is imperative for continued success.




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