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5 Data-Driven Email Marketing To-Do’s Based on the Latest Research

Fri, Oct 27, 2017


There are many best practices to consider when implementing email as part of your integrated marketing campaign efforts. Leveraging customer data to deliver a highly personalized and relevant message is one of them. But if you have poor data, poor testing or both, it can work hurt your brand and your relationship with the customer.  Email marketing presents many challenges, including getting the attention of the recipient who is inundated with emails every day. 

Jay Schwedelson, President & CEO, Worldata, shared the latest Worldata research in his presentation “Data-Driven Email Marketing: What’s New, What’s Next” at the recent &THEN DMA Annual Event. It was chock-full of proven email best practices and tactics to use, backed by their latest quantitative research, which will help yield higher response rates based on metrics from email marketing campaigns executed in the past year.

 Here are my 5 hand-picked email tactics which have proven to increase response, with statistics to back them up:

1) Use a single call to action: Single-offer emails generate a 57% higher overall conversion rate vs. emails with multiple offers 

single offer 1-2.jpgsingle offer 2-1.jpg

2) Exclusivity is a strong motivator: “Invitation” emails lift B2B open rates by 22% and lift B2C open rates by 26%  

invitation 1.jpg

invitation 2.jpg

3) Be relevant: Mentioning your target audience in the subject line lifts open rates by 34% for B2B and 28% for B2C

target aud 1.jpg

target aud 2-1.jpg

4) We love our own name: Using your target’s first name with first letter capitalized, and no last name, provides the best open rates. A 19% increased open rate for B2C and 17% respectively for B2B

Lianne email.jpg

5)  #1 thing that drives email response rates: Sense of urgency! B2C emails with some form of a date in the subject line generated a 39% higher open rate.  B2B emails with some form of a date in subject line generated a 41% higher open rate

urgency 1.jpg

urgency 2.jpg

And here are some bonus action items to help you drive better email results.

You can test the effectivness of your email subject line by visiting subjectline.com. It is a free rating tool to evaluate your subject line, with more than 5,000 tested so far.  

Did you know that there are better days in the calendar to send out emails?  Worldata has studied this for both B2B and B2C audiences and has once again published a free calendar: best/worst days 2018 which you can order for free at worldata.com.

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