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An Internship to Remember

Wed, Aug 01, 2018

      The internship at Universal Wilde was presented to me through the NEDMA Direct Marketing Scholarship that I was awarded this past spring. I am incredibly lucky for the opportunity that I have had with this internship. I would’ve never pushed myself out of my comfort zone and worked in a new type of company if it wasn’t for NEDMA. I have learned numerous marketing tactics and software skills as well as my personal preferences for future jobs.

NEDMA Meg       Universal Wilde is a print and communications company that provides solutions to drive multi-channel marketing for businesses. Now, as a millennial, I grew up on technology and obsessing over the latest digital advances. I learned about digital marketing in some of my business classes and never gave my full attention or respect to the print industry. With this internship, my eyes were opened to all the possibilities and opportunities that multi-channel marketing provides.

      A typical day for me at Universal Wilde:

  • When I arrive in the office I check emails, read the newest blogs and articles & schedule worthy content for social. At any given moment I had the next weeks’ worth of social postings scheduled.
  • Every week the marketing team holds update meetings to review where we are at with projects, and the direction we’d like to take in the future. This is where I am introduced to majority of my projects and assignments.
  • Then I would update my whiteboard with my tasks that I have to complete that week. Every week brought something new, whether that be a meeting, sudden project, or new knowledge gained.
  • I would work at my own desk through my projects, lots of independence and responsibility with the satisfaction of erasing a bullet task off my board.
  • I would finish at 4:30, hoping to not get caught in too much commuter traffic, feeling like a real adult, go home, sleep and do the whole routine over again the next day.

      At Universal Wilde, I was the only marketing intern for the summer. This meant I was given more responsibilities and power than the normal college summer intern would get. The best way to learn is to throw yourself in the environment and take in as much as you can. I wasn’t reading about new software updates, I was experiencing the training workshops. I wasn’t watching over someone’s shoulder as they made graphics, I was creating them. I wasn’t a fly on the wall in project update meetings, I was a contributing member.

Case Studies-1
      I have gained many real-world experiences and skills from this internship. I am fluid in Adobe Illustrator, producing graphic videos using PowerPoint, working with large data sheets in excel and a CRM database, and using Adobe Photoshop. I have also gained experience drafting large email campaigns, generating social media graphics, setting up landing pages, researching articles that are related to the business’s verticals or industry, and writing blogs for the website. I am used to frequently building vertical 1-page case studies, designing graphics for client testimonials, making sell sheets for the sales team, and facilitating UW Expert Interviews. Lastly, I am very skilled in regularly promoting social posts across 3 platforms 6 days a week, measuring social media analytics, and staying up-to-date with blogs and news feeds for future social media content. The photo above shows the 16 case studies and 1 double sided sell sheet that I designed during my internship. 

      I didn’t just have a cookie-cutter internship. My roles and responsibilities don’t fit into easy short bullet points. I have been given more valuable projects and opportunities than I would’ve gotten at any other internship. I am extremely thankful for the independence and trust that my Universal Wilde mentors and coworkers have instilled in me.

Meg Computer

 As I near the end of my internship and head into my last semester of college, I think back to all the work I have completed here at Universal Wilde. I now have the experience and knowledge to do tasks that I would’ve had difficulty doing before. I’m not sure that I will end up working exclusively in the print industry, but I know no matter what I will never part from this experience and knowledge. I will always see marketing problems and situations a little differently because I’ve seen the back end of print communications. I will see print marketing and direct mail in my future jobs. This world is not headed to strictly digital marketing. Print and direct mail are holding their ground and proving that they are still relevant and effective. I have been convinced that a multi-channel marketing strategy is more effective and efficient than just a digital one.

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