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Discover How Print is Flourishing in Publishing

Mon, Jun 12, 2017
We attended Book Expo America 2017 to learn more about what’s up and coming in the publishing industry. It was also important to us to get a deeper understanding of how publishers connect with their customers and excite readers to learn and consume their content. Here are our top 3 takeaways:

1. Books and Audiobooks - Friends Not Foes


In recent years, the rise of audiobooks and eReaders has caused alarm and contributed to the false notion that print is dead. Although there are many readers that prefer those methods, what we experienced is that while audiobooks are popular they aren’t impeding printed books’ success. They actually help supplement book sales by allowing the reader to make the best use of their time while on the go. Humans read faster than they listen, but certain times call for audio; like when you’re commuting. This is when listening is much more effective. By interchanging methods of reading and listening, our brains can digest material faster and make the best use of our valuable time.

2. Book Promotional Materials Engage Again and Again


Promotion of new books is just as important as the book itself. At the conference we saw many printed promotional materials such as posters, bookmarks, personalized cards, and booklist catalogs used as tools to educate and excite attendees to motivate them to purchase these new books. There continues to be much opportunity for commercial and personalized print communications in the promotions business.

3. Print is Alive, and Here to Stay


Is print dead? This hot topic has been widely discussed in the marketing world as early as the birth of the Internet and social media. A prominent article “Print is Dead, and so is Business 2.0” published by WIRED in 2007 was arguably influential in spreading this idea too. However, we have come to the conclusion that print is not dead and is thriving in countless industries, but perhaps no industry makes it clearer than publishing. There were printed books everywhere we turned, with thousands of people lined up to converse with the authors. For an industry that took its baby steps dating back to Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press in 1436, it appears to be vibrant and thriving today. What we love about the industry that we are in is the passion for high quality products and services.

There is something special about being able to touch and feel a book in your hands as you consider purchasing it. Paul Bobnak further explores the power of tactility in his video “Tactile Mail Provides Physical Attraction in the Mailbox.” The tactile nature of our brains loves to be engaged by print and all of the sentimental value it brings.

Print is here to stay, and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.

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