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[INFOGRAPHIC] Make It Even Easier: 5 Ways To Increase Cognitive Fluency

Thu, Jan 04, 2018

By some estimates, we spend between eight and ten hours a day online, with much of our web content and social media surrounded by and including marketing messages. This doesn’t include time spent with offline media.

That’s why it’s never been more important to be sure that advertising and marketing messages in any channel are simple, well-designed, and intuitive.

People prefer to think about simple things over complex ones, which is the basis for the psychological principle known as Cognitive Fluency.

The ease with which people comprehend and process information has a real impact on what they’ll do with it and what action they’ll take based on it. Many of these impressions are made subconsciously, with decisions made in as little as 1/20th of a second of first encountering a communication. That’s why it makes sense to keep Cognitive Fluency in mind from the beginning of the creative process.

Below is our infographic on the subject, with five tips on increasing Cognitive Fluency in marketing communications. These are tips you can put to work for you now.

infographic cognitive fluency-1.png


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