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Legacy of a Great Business

Thu, Jun 08, 2017

You have to watch this video. Seriously, watch it, and then read the rest of what I love about it.

Isn’t this just a great story? A sad one too! The truth is that we also work in a storied industry. The printing business has been evolving for years, right along with the way people consume information. The story of the guys producing the Boston Globe absolutely brings a tear to my eye. Not kidding.

The Newspaper business is a tough one, particularly with the growth of online news consumption. Yet, this has been a business that has supported generations of working people, providing great work for the fantastic cause of spreading the news.

It’s the same in our business. We may not have been around for as long as the Globe, but we’ve supported families through generations producing all kinds of print for our customers. We are fortunate to have evolved with the times. We still produce long run web printing, similar to The Globe, but we also produce sheetfed, for shorter runs, and digital for even shorter runs while also integrating personalization, which is now an expectation. We’ve taken guys just like those in the video and showed them the new technology and they’ve adapted as craftsmen to the new digital way of doing business. It’s amazing.

We’re incredibly proud of our people, of our legacy and of our ability to transform the business with the changes in the market. Hats off to the Globe for recognizing that even with all those changes, having skilled caring people makes all the difference in the world.

Bill Fitzgerald is the CEO/Founder of Universal Wilde. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has a penchant for always keeping his focus on the needs of his customers. Please follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter for more insights.

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