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Meet a UW Expert: Russell Opper

Mon, Jul 23, 2018

Over the next several weeks, UW will be conducting interviews to share UW expert insights on the print industry. 

Russell prof

Name: Russell E. Opper

Title: Senior Account Manager

What I do: I manage several accounts at UW. Most projects run the gamut of our direct marketing production services that include data processing, variable letter personalization, offset print, digital print that takes advantage of our Indigo cut sheet and also our Oce Color Stream continuous roll equipment, bindery, mail & fulfillment. I pre-plan the projects, maintain schedules, proof data & live content, QC the live jobs & manage the production flow right through to postal.

Why I love what I do: I have a tremendous passion for direct marketing especially direct mail. I learned very early in my career that direct mail was the best way for companies to track results. Back then, customers would have to mail back reply cards, bring marketing offers with them to retail stores or make a call to order the product. Obviously the advent of the Internet and the explosion of online services and social marketing has changed consumers' buying habits. Bed, Bath & Beyond and many supermarkets still mail coupons & cards and consumers still bring them to their stores in large numbers.

Some common mistakes I see marketers make: 1) Marketers fall in love with their creative but do not have an offer that will cause the customer to purchase the product or service. 2) Marketers only pursue one option such as email instead of utilizing all facets of marketing & advertising including direct, social, email, broadcast, print, teleservices, etc. 3) Marketers do not take advantage of the CRM that they have implemented and basically use it to run sales reports.

Russell biking

My advice for a younger professional trying to grow a career in this industry: 1) Be patient and learn everything that you can. 2) Join AMA Boston or NEDMA 3) Learn what the Client is trying to achieve with their project or program.

A quote/phrase that I live by: "If you’re not early, you’re late"

What I’m doing in this photo: Finishing "The Rodman Ride for Kids"

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