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Meet a UW Expert: Kevin Buckley

Fri, Aug 03, 2018


Name: Kevin Buckley

Title: Senior Sales Advisor

What I do: It’s my responsibility at UW to help our clients deliver their message to their targeted audiences. I work with them by providing a variety of solutions to meet their requirements.

Why I love what I do: There is a new challenge every day and my responsibilities change from day to day and from client to client.

Some common mistakes I see marketers make: Some decisions are based solely on price. I understand that price is a major factor however other variables need to be considered in their decision making.

What excites me about where the print-industry is going: One-to-one marketing has created a greater return for our clients. The digital platform that we offer is very sophisticated and has the ability to produce a wide variety of projects. 

My advice for a younger professional trying to grow a career in this industry: To take care of your client. Do whatever is needed to help them and guide them to be successful. 

A quote/phrase that I live by: "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true."

Bukley, Jansons, Tangusso, Chadis

What I’m doing in this photo: Celebrating the long career of my colleague John Chadis with Andy Jansons and Paul Tangusso

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