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[New Survey Results] Discover the 3 most important topics to marketers in 2018 

Wed, Jan 10, 2018

What communications topics are data-driven marketers focused on in 2018?

Universal Wilde wanted to understand this, and recently commissioned our 2018 Marketing Priorities Survey, in which we asked data-driven marketers what their priorities and challenges are for the new year.  One question focused on what are their most important communications topics for the upcoming year – and three topics came out on top:

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1. Print Methods and Techniques

Generally, this includes interesting print tactics to engage customers and stand out from the competition; providing innovation in a medium that is now considered less dynamic than digital and social is no easy task.

2. Migration from Static Print to Digital, On-demand Print

More marketers are making the transition from the traditional offset print environment which typically limits personalization, requires inventory management which may result in waste and obsolescence; to a full-color digital environment which provides deep personalization, is highly flexbile and reactionary to changing needs and demands, thereby eliminating waste and need for inventory.

3. Data-driven Personalization

So you may have data about your customers, but how do you leverage it in a way that will be meaningful and relevant to them? Marrying data and creative through data composition integrates the individual/segment data available and maps it in a communications template using business rules, resulting in highly personalized and impactful communications.

Our experts weigh in on these topics...

We did a quick round up with some of our UW communications experts who have deep experience in these topics, and asked them to share some recent examples of how they have helped clients.


Kevin Buckley, UW commercial print expert

“To reduce costs and inventory, our large manufacturing client is changing their marketing approach and printing 30,000 catalogs on demand; while also printing their other marketing materials digitally, rather than static, offset print.”

“Many of our clients are moving towards data-driven, personalized communications. One of our large retail clients is now producing full-color personalized mailers for their customers, evolving the program from black copy changes only.”


Janet Kelly, UW higher education and publishing print and mail expert

“We used a high-end technique for our higher education client to reflect their prestigious brand reputation; while utilizing a digital, on-demand print environment. We chose a foil stamp technique which they were pleased with the result.”

“I have a couple of clients who are now moving away from static print to an on-demand print environment:

  • Our higher education client is now transitioning their static book to on-demand print to better manage inventory and reduce obsolescence.
  • In addition, a business association client which supports thousands of member organizations is considering new ways to utilize digital technology such as personalized, large posters (up to 29” in size) for each member organization; providing greater value to their members and strengthening the association’s relationship with them.”

“We are a resource for design companies who produce highly customized communications for clients, suggesting new ways of developing data-driven personalized print communications solutions."


Eddie Stephens, UW healthcare print and mail expert

“Migration to on-demand, digital print is an important trend in our industry, as the on-demand solution combined with technology provides our clients with greater efficiency and increased engagement with their customers. We are helping a medical company transition from traditional offset print to an online, portal-based engine that will alleviate the client from handling all of the details, to turn it over to us to manage through a centralized on-demand print solution.”

tom tivnan.jpg

Tom Tivnan, UW financial and education print expert

“Soft-touch aqueous is a print technique we used for a recent client mailing; it is very tactile, pleasing to the recipient, representing the brand in a high quality manner which stands out.”  

“I am seeing more and more companies transitioning to dynamic, on-demand print. Last quarter we helped a large financial services company migrate to highly personalized, on-demand program materials for their participating companies’ employee enrollment materials, which includes posters, flyers, buckslips and mailers. This provides them a flexible, turnkey process to better support their various companies and communicate with their employees.”


In summary, listening and responding to what marketers want/need is something that we take seriously and strive to do on a continuous basis. Insights from this survey will be used by our team of UW communications experts to provide even more content and advice on these communications topics, and more.

Should you want to reach any of these UW communications experts, that can be reached: Kevin.Buckley@universalwilde.com; Janet.Kelly@universalwilde.com, Eddie.Stephens@universalwilde.com, Tom.Tivnan@universalwilde.com.  

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