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New Year Direct Mail Resolutions

Wed, Jan 09, 2019

New Year. New Mail. Marketers are sure to see these 5 strategies used in direct mail in 2019. Will you take advantage of this new year opportunity?

1. hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyAugmented Reality (AR) - In 2016, the USPS reported that 13.5 billion mail pieces were sent incorporating some type of AR. This number is sure to grow astronomically in 2019. While they are still effective, AR is leaps and bounds above QR codes. Users are able to be transported to an interactive mail piece with a simple downloadable application. AR is bringing mail to life with interactive experiences and further telling a campaign's "story" which is critical to user interaction.

2. Informed Delivery - IF you haven't started using this service, you will in 2019. More than 8 million customers have enrolled in Informed Delivery since it launched in 2017. With Informed Delivery, you can digitally preview your incoming mail and packages from your phone, computer, or tablet. Marketers can take advantage of this service by implementing Informed Delivery into their marketing piece so that users can be directed to a landing page or a preview with more information about what they will be receiving in the mail. The best part is that this is a FREE service for consumers with 89% of users satisfied with the service and 93% recommending this service to friends or family. There are also no fees associated with conducting an interactive campaign for marketers. Mail pieces must be automation compatible and Mail pieces must contain a valid IMb (applied by Mailer or MSP) (USPS.com).


USPS informed delivery

Image from USPS.com

You can find out more information and sign up for Informed delivery here.

3. Content is EVERYTHING in Campaigns - Providing valuable content to consumers is on the top of their expectation list. Marketers too want to receive detailed analytics that can show how their customers are interacting with their direct mail piece and really how clean their mailing lists truly are.

4. Personalization is not an option it is a requirement - This goes beyond just slapping a customer's first name on a piece. Detailed data of a consumer's interest, hobbies, and personality can be incorporated in a direct mail piece to really make it shine and spark the attention of the reader. For a retail application example of this, imagine someone visiting your website but leaving items in their shopping cart without purchasing. With accurate data, this shopper can be targeted with a direct mail piece highlighting sale items relating to their "gone but not forgotten" desired shopping cart items. In fact, 9.8 billion catalogs were mailed in 2016 (DMA & USPS). Proving the important connection between direct mail and retail.achitecture-adult-banking-5909

5. Creativity - While image selection and quality of print are extremely important, creativity plays a huge factor in what consumers pay attention to and what they do not. There are many new technological advancements that can drive the user's experience to a positive result but one tangible aspect to take a look at is how the piece is folded. Check out some awesome examples of folding techniques at the Fold Factory.

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