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2016 Insights + Trends:                                         Technology-Informed Strategy

Wed, Jan 06, 2016


Picking up from last week’s post on Data-Driven Marketing, we’re continuing our 2016 Trends and Insights Series this week with our second trend for the New Year: Technology Informed Strategy

Technology makes the world go ‘round and, in our always-connected world, marketers are continuing to gain more access to data than ever before thanks to the mass use of social media and other data-collecting tools including wearables. These platforms make it easy to catalogue customer details including location, recent purchases and product reviews. The info collected is an extremely valuable tool that offer brands the opportunity to easily individualize information and therefore create successful campaigns that better interact with customers.

As we segue into the New Year, UW is geared up to be a true data-driven partner for clients who will get this influx of info. We foresee our ability to easily help walk more clients through the process of weeding and organizing data, which will allow for the following to take place:

  • Identifying what types of campaigns work for each audience
  • Locking in prospective customers
  • Continuing engagement with existing ones and therefore increasing overall retention.

While the practice of systematizing gathered data isn’t new and won’t rock the industry’s boat alone, the campaign possibilities that will evolve from having all this data will be what causes the disruption.

What disruptive marketing campaigns have you seen succeed and why did they do so well?


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