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Universal Wilde at &THEN15: Insights and Trends

Thu, Oct 22, 2015


Earlier this month, Universal Wilde attended and exhibited at the DMA &THEN event in Boston. Hosted by the Direct Marketing Association, the event is an annual gathering that unites analysts, artists, brand managers, strategists, copywriters, CEOs and many more to share industry trends and insights.


&Then has become the show for the new generation of marketers, also known as GenD. Unlike so many other industries, GenD isn’t about a certain age or title, or the channels in which you market. Instead, it’s about finding new ways to work and communicate with customers and clients through disruption and creation. GenD marketers not only create demand, through the use of influential storytelling, they engage with the audience and grab the attention of hearts and minds, changing behavior and generating results. At UW, we aim to help our clients do the same – creating products that will be not just be interesting and informative, but also engaging to their audiences. Below are a few key findings from our time and interaction on the floor at this year’s DMA &Then event that we believe will help our customers continue to develop and deliver innovative and compelling marketing solutions.

Content & Creation:
How to grab the attention – and business – of your target audience.

Be Clear:

  • Creating a clear definition of what you want content to do for you will provide a smooth path to achieving that goal.
  • While creating content, make sure your brand doesn’t get lost. Check to confirm the brand’s voice and story are clear.
  • Tell a story and show what customers are doing with the product/service. By making your content relatable, it will be more engaging for your customers.

Be Consistent:

  • The direct mail that your customers receive should echo the tone, branding and messaging of all other touch points they have with your brand (i.e. social media channels, website, etc.).

Be Different:

  • Explore and identify your true brand value. Then brainstorm how can you uniquely establish and tell the story of your brand in the right voice.

Be Efficient:

  • Content is King, but distribution is Queen. What’s the point in having the right content if it’s not going to the right people at the right time? To assure your hard work gets results, consider taking a deeper dive into your distribution strategy. Should you talk to your customer more? Less? What will create the most engagement and therefore move the needle for your brand?

Data & Analytics:
How to effectively talk to your target audience and track success


  • What does success look like to you and your brand?
  • Create a measurement plan to help you easily track results. Establish the definition of KPI’s then and effective process for reporting. Increase marketing data, while also simplifying the number of metrics.

Get Visual

  • Follow the customer along their journey and track their engagement.
  • Use easy-to-read dashboards to indicate which goals are being met, what’s working and what’s not.
  • Tell your complete data story creatively by using an Infographic to showcase campaign results.


  • Consumers are rejecting ‘one size fits all’ approaches to marketing, they require materials that they feel were created specifically for them in order to have a deeper connection with a brand.
  • Technology can help tailor content that is regionalized, localized and individualized – truly makingan impact


Were you at DMA &Then? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our takeaways and also any other key learnings you found helpful. Send your comments in the form below.


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