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Now you can easily create and order static, custom, and personalized communications right from your desktop using Xccelerate, Universal Wilde's powerful communications delivery platform.

Xccelerate automates the ordering, execution, and multi-channel delivery of comprehensive one-to-one communications.

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FTP File Upload

These are instructions for using our FTP site to send and receive files.

File Packaging Instructions
All files should be compressed into a single .zip file. Folders cannot be uploaded. Compressing files into a .zip file significantly reduces transmission time, prevents data corruption problems and preserves MacIntosh file resource information. Please do not send self-extracting files (ie. folder.sea) or executable files (ie. folder.exe).

Send files
Using a browser: click here to access the FTP login

Use your user name and password: 

  • Double click the dropbox folder
  • Choose the Upload button (Top of menu)
  • Choose the Browse for Files button (Bottom of menu)
  • Navigate to your file and Choose Open
  • Choose Start Upload.

Need login credentials? Contact us and request login info.

Using a browser for FTP requires Javascript and Flash.

Alternate Methods for FTP
FTP software (Fetch, Transmit, etc.) can also be used with the provided user name and password at

PC users can choose the ‘My Computer’ from the Desktop and right button click to choose Explore. In Address type and use the above user name and password.

If a transmission fails and a portion of the file had transferred, rename the file before resubmitting. Files cannot be deleted or overwritten from this secure directory/folder.

When the transmission is completed, send your contact at Universal an email indicating which file was sent and what project it is for. You can CC Universal Prepress at:

Retrieve files
Using the same login information above, double click the pickup folder. Choose your file. Choose Download.

The Quick Filter can be used to find the file.


For Technical Assistance

Please call 781.251.2700 Monday to Friday 7AM - 11PM.