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Bar Code Matching, Dynamic Document. See how this Financial Services client partners with Universal Wilde to get personalized investment reports out to clients with 100% accuracy.
Financial Services Case Study

Financial Services



Our client is one of the largest investment management, mutual funds, and online brokerage companies in the world. They service over 20 million individuals and institutions worldwide. 






To generate highly personalized Quarterly Investment Reports for their customers, this financial services company turned to the expertise of Universal Wilde.  The client threw down the gauntlet to reduce time to market while producing personalized  investment reports with 100% accuracy.



Universal Wilde developed a solution leveraging Dynamic Document and Bar Code Matching technologies to produce personalized Quarterly Investment Reports for each investor, with 100% accuracy.  Xccelerate™, our state-of-the-art communications platform is programmed with business rules to Dynamic Print personalized reports with information, charts, and graphs based on the fund performance. Each page is validated during the process and barcode matching technology stops the equipment upon a mismatch.


  • 100% Page Level Integrity
  • Cost Savings
  • Relevancy

Case Studies

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