implementation strategy

There's always more than one way to achieve success with your marketing. But when it comes to implementing a complex marketing program, there's usually a myriad of wrong ways and ultimately, just one right way. Our team of Implementation Strategists can quickly assess all the variables you're up against and hone in on the most cost-effective way to run your program.

Whether it’s developing systems, parsing data, moving inventory or coordinating logistics, we take a holistic approach and bring years of best-practices to bear on the task at hand.  And because UW has such a comprehensive breadth of services—including variable digital printing, offset printing, distribution and fulfillment services and on-sight USPS—we can customize a truly seamless Implementation Strategy from start to finish.
  • Our approach includes a tightly synchronized process where we define objectives, understand requirements, establish milestones, plan communication, execute and/or produce, and document every step.
  • A typical transition team consists of key stakeholders from your organization interfacing with leaders from our Fulfillment Operations, Client Services, IT, Production and Sales divisions.
  • If appropriate, we develop a detailed plan for inventory relocation and create a cost-effective new digital print production plan to give you push-button control and the ability to print materials on-demand.

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