Inventory, Kitting, Fulfillment, and Distribution

Manage your inventory, kitting, fulfillment, and distribution needs right from your desktop with Xccelerate, Universal Wilde’s state-of-the-art communications delivery platform.

With the power of Xccelerate at your fingertips, you get:

  • Secure access to your electronic and printed documents—anytime, anywhere, whatever their source.
  • A central document database and print on demand (POD), as well as traditional offset technologies, to ensure that only the most current information is distributed.
  • An intuitive web interface that allows channel partners to customize or personalize documents for local distribution while conforming to your branding, messaging, and regulatory requirements.
  • Full-color, high-quality documents and one-to-one communications that get the attention of your target audience, driving better comprehension and increasing response or retention.
  • Kitting for the combination of static, POD, and variably printed documents, as well as promotional items, in one efficient process.

Combine promotional items with our packaging and fulfillment services for a long-lasting, cost-effective way to extend your brand's reach beyond traditional marketing efforts. See how we can help your brand make a lasting impression.