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Bed, Bath, & Beyond Great Marketing

Apr 29, 2014 3:18:00 PM

I spent this past Saturday afternoon at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I really do love the store.  It’s filled with pillows, and comforters, and kitchenware, and signs that say “Bless this Mess” or “Home is Where the Heart Is”, and candles, and good smelling reed diffusers, and... I JUST LOVE IT!  I’m a 20-something man and I am in the abundant company of 30-50 year old women, but the store is comforting and bargain-priced.

The reason the store is so bargain-priced may be because of the coupons that I (and everyone else) get from them in the mail.  It seems like once a month there is another flyer for “20% off one item” or “$5 off your purchase of $15 or more”.  And they don’t expire.  They have an expiration date on them, but if you bring them to the store they will tell you, they will always honor them.  No expiration date.  HOW DO YOU DO BUSINESS LIKE THIS?!!

The staff is always nice and it probably has something to do with the relaxing jasmine and sage fragrances readily available in the candle section.  Or maybe they are all standing on the gel mats that allow your feet and knees to not be overly exerted throughout the day.  Or maybe they all get a full night’s sleep with the “Perfect Pillow”, while they are curled up in down and 400 thread count sheets and their white noise machine gently hums them to sleep.  Ahhhh.

They print and mail a magazine filled with their range of items but I really feel the golden tickets are the large coupon mailers.  I have a small stack of the coupons at home and I know that if I ever need anything from an over-the-door clothing hook to a new bedroom set, I will be walking out the door with a deal.  No “I’ll wait until it goes on sale” or “Is that coupon I have still good?”.  NO.  I have a small flip book of coupons that never expire.  I am the deep sleeping, closet organizing, home smelling of Tropical Breeze and coconut hand soap King of Savings!

Bed Bath & Beyond could put twin Buddhas outside the entrance, plant a few flowers, charge $10 admission to the BB&B Zen Garden, and as long as they still sent a 20% off coupon, I would still come.

Here’s Kristin Bell who shares my affinity for Bed, Beth & Beyond: