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New Postage Optimization Strategy Helps Marketers Achieve Savings

Dec 1, 2017 10:00:53 AM

Universal Wilde (UW) is announcing a new Postage Optimization Strategy for their mailing clients, which can provide them with significant savings for their communications programs, as well as improved accuracy and visibility in the mail stream. 

Several UW clients have already taken advantage of this new strategy, which leverages innovative technology and logistics, and they have been pleased with the savings that have achieved.

This is an important strategy for marketers to consider, given these two facts:

1) Postage can account for 30-70% of the mailing cost on average, so savings can be significant.

2) Savings achieved will help to offset the anticipated USPS price increases to take effect as of January 21, 2018.

Universal Wilde's new Postage Optimization Strategy is spearheaded by Christopher Armstrong, Production/Client Services Manager, who is a subject matter expert in driving continuous improvements in print and mailing processes:


“We are excited to introduce this innovative Postal Optimization Strategy for our clients, providing them with significant savings as well as greater visibility and accuracy in the mail stream. We handle large volumes of mail for clients every day, which we leverage to tap into new technology and logistics methods to optimize data, manage postage, and streamline delivery.”

Since this strategy is based on the targeted in-home delivery date of the mail, it also provides marketers with greater accuracy to put their communications in the hands of recipients. And, based on intelligent tracking systems that built in, there is greater visibility in the mail stream, keeping marketers informed about their communications programs.

Should marketers be interested in taking advantage of the new Postal Optimization Strategy as part of their communications program, they may contact a UW Sales Representative at 781-251-2700 or sales@UniversalWilde.com.

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