Our History

Bill Fitzgerald has been in the print industry for over 30 years, ever since he took an entry-level job at a printing plant after high school.  From there, he went on to become the top print salesman at his company and began working towards his dream.  Unlike many other salespeople, Bill was always interested in why the customer does what they do, rather than simply what they’re buying.  So from the very beginning, he has envisioned a company that would serve its customers “From Thought to Distribution.” 

In 1998, Bill finally started his own company, called Graphic Services.  He acquired Intercity Press in 2001, Charles River Lithography in 2003 and Universal Press from Quebecor in 2005.  A year later, Bill bought United Lithograph from Cenveo and the company was rebranded as Universal Graphix, utilizing the strong name Universal had built in prior years.  In May of 2007, the company merged with Millennium Printing, who had acquired Daniels printing from Merrill Corp, and formed Universal Millennium.  It was then that Bill really began to see his “Thought to Distribution” vision taking form. 

2010 and 2011 brought on some major changes for the company, with the acquisitions of Acme Printing, Dynagraf, and Wilde and Wilde Agency. Although every acquisition has been instrumental, Wilde and Wilde Agency—with its long, rich history and invaluable direct marketing and business services experience—was the keystone in establishing the dynamic and successful company that we are today.  After many years of strategic growth and evolution as a company, Bill says that “Universal Wilde’s offering today has made the dream come true.”

Universal Wilde currently has 700,000 square feet in five secure, state-of-the-art facilities: Rockland, Somerville, Westwood, and two plants in Holliston, Massachusetts.  All five locations handle production, but the Westwood facility also houses our award-winning direct marketing agency, as well as sales, executive management, and customer service.