Variable Data Printing and Print on Demand

Digital printing and variable data publishing are cost-effective ways to print what you need when you need it. Call it targeted, data-driven, or one-to-one, personalized communication is smart marketing that engages, resonates, and generates higher response rates.

Your competitors are already leveraging the technology of variable data publishing (VDP) and print on demand (POD) to:

  • Get leads
  • Increase sales
  • Boost retention
Now you can too, using Universal Wilde as your one-stop source for highly personalized multi-channel campaigns. 

Personalized communication is just what it sounds like. It can be as simple as a business letter or direct mail piece personalized with your target’s name, or as sophisticated as an Evidence of Coverage document containing multiple points of variability and confidential beneficiary data. Personalized communication can even take the form of a retail catalog that features merchandise customized to your recipient’s unique purchasing history and demographic profile.  

Whether you are tasked with delivering marketing communications or mission-critical documentation, including your target’s unique information captures their attention and shows that you understand their wants and needs. 

Increase Lift Rates, Boost Retention, and Get a Better ROI

Today, effective personalized communication is about more than just print campaigns—it crosses all delivery channels, integrating print with email, text messages, PURLs, and more. At Universal Wilde, we understand the economics of distributing communications and the importance of choosing the appropriate medium to deliver your message and drive response.

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