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Discover what leading industry experts from Universal Wilde and Wilde Agency are saying on a wide range of marketing topics designed to help you grow your business. Download your copy today and check back often for the latest insight.

The Power of Personalization

We already know how hard it is to get people to respond to marketing campaigns. So, how do you make a deeper connection? And how do you build relevancy into the way you market as a whole?

Learn how variable data strategies like personalization can boost your response rates by as much as 36%.


Back to Basics

Every good direct marketing piece needs a solid base. Take a look at some of the principles that guide effective marketing campaigns.
  • Learn about the 40/40/20 rule and how it can drive efficiency.
  • Find out what you should keep in mind about your audience.
Knowing the basics of constructing direct marketing pieces is the first step - and an important one - toward generating great responses from your targets.


Hidden Impact

How to Determine the Real ROI of Your Marketing Efforts
Of course marketing performance is judged on ROI, but do you know the three metrics that are crucial to determining yours?

  • Learn why response and conversion rates don't tell the whole story.
  • Make sure your programs receive the credit they are due!
To deliver the most revenue as profitably as possible, you must know about managing the mathematical interactions that lead to success.


Smart Marketers Get Even Smarter During a Down Economy 

Five good reasons why advertising during a downturn makes sense

When times are tough, marketing budgets are often the first to be cut. But is that the right choice?

  • See the reasoning behind marketing during economic downturns.
  • Use strategies to overcome recessions and get ahead of your competition.

Don't let a fluctuating economy hold back your marketing campaigns.


Copy: The Building Blocks

Writing copy for direct marketing pieces is an essential part of the process. Good marketers can communicate benefits to their audience through the text, and keep readers interested in the message.

  • Keep your readers engaged!
  • Learn how to tailor your copy to a direct mail audience.
  • Find out which tone to use in your DM copy.


Visuals: The Building Blocks

Visuals help to lead the target through your communication process. Take advantage of your words, colors, and even individual images to tell customers the story you want to tell.

  • Learn how the basic elements of your visuals should work together.
  • Use visual hierarchy to guide prospects through your communications.
  • Catch the reader's eye in all the right spots.
The way you arrange the words on the page, the colors you use, even the placement of the individual elements will say something to your audience. 


Harnessing Human Behavior

13 Techniques that Make your Direct Marketing Impossible to Ignore
So you have a great offer, customized creative and a targeted message.  Yet, your campaign isn’t delivering the expected results. That’s because when people encounter a marketing message, their reaction has less to do with the message and more to do with basic human behavior.


Know Your Audience

In order to keep your targets interested, it helps to know as much about them as possible - but where should you get this information, and how should you use it? To tell an effective story to your audience, you must know who they are. 

  • Find out what type of information you should gather for B2C and B2B targets.
  • Discover ways to augment your data for more effective messaging.


No Channel Left Behind Initiative

Are Your Communications Keeping Up with the Times?
Learn how to utilize multichannel campaigns to keep prospects engaged, increase your revenue, and move response rates up.

  • Transform your single-channel communications into unique multichannel conversations!
  • Reduce your inventory and printing costs.


Outer Envelope: Your Most Important Tool

When sending direct mail, the most important piece of the mail package is the outer envelope.

  • Learn envelope techniques that will catch your target's eye.
  • Capture the attention of your audience and increase open rates.


Personalization Best Practices

Everyone likes to feel singled out to receive a special message. Nothing catches the attention of the reader more than seeing their name on a communication from your company.

  • Learn how new technology has made personalization more effective than ever.
  • Appeal to different segments of your audience with unique messaging.

Your average reader will spend a total of eight seconds of their time reading/scanning your communication. Find out how to make the most of it.


The Art of Creating Direct Response Communications That Get Results: The Visuals

This white paper details the finer points of effective visuals in direct response communications.

  • Learn to use effective visual hierarchy to control eye flow.
  • How do visual building blocks tell a story to your audience?

 Powerful visuals are key to eliciting the desired response from your audience.