Web to Print Solutions for Multichannel Campaigns

Integrated web to print systems like our proprietary Xccelerate™ platform make multichannel marketing accessible and affordable. 

The Xccelerate platform seamlessly integrates 8 sophisticated modules.


Depending on their unique communications needs, users can take advantage of some or all of these functions:

1 Order Entry: Log in to the real-time, web-based system to place orders and perform general administrative functions.
2 Inventory Management: Make real-time inventory adjustments.
3 List Management: Upload data for cleansing and segmentation. 
4 Document Composition: Merge your cleansed data with templates to create personalized communications.
5 Campaign Management: Build multi-channel campaigns, automate follow-up activities, and trigger automated events. 
6 Execution: Print, bind, kit, and package your documents. 
7 Delivery: Specify your preferred delivery channels—including online and offline vehicles—to deliver your customized message.
8 Reporting and Analytics: Manage your marketing inventory, identify order trends, and track order status with easy-to-read, real-time reports.

Unlike other web to print platforms, Xccelerate is custom-designed to meet your requirements, so you choose only the building blocks that you need to make your direct communications program a success.

Xccelerate enables you to:

  • Better manage your communications programs using simple online tools and ordering systems
  • Personalize your marketing materials on the fly while adhering to corporate brand standards and keeping your sales and marketing teams on the same page
  • Meet immediate demands for mission-critical documentation, such as Evidence of Coverage documents and 401(k) statements
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by managing usage and inventories, printing only what you need when you need it, eliminating your need for on-site space or additional staff, and reducing your overall time to market