xccelerate print delivery platform

Our proprietary online delivery platform, Xccelerate, makes it easy and affordable for you to launch and manage any multichannel campaign.

With Xccelerate you can proof, place orders, update delivery information, and more.  Xccelerate seamlessly integrates eight core capabilities.  Take advantage of some or all of these depending on your unique communications needs:
  1. Order Entry: Log in to our real-time, web-based system to place orders and perform general administrative functions.
  2. Inventory Management: Make real-time inventory adjustments.
  3. List Management: Upload data for cleansing and segmentation.
  4. Document Composition: Merge your cleansed data with templates to create personalized communications.
  5. Campaign Management: Build multichannel campaigns, automate follow-up activities, and trigger automated events.
  6. Execution: Print, bind, kit, and package your documents.
  7. Delivery: Specify your preferred delivery channels—including online and offline vehicles—to deliver your customized message.
  8. Reporting and Analytics: Manage your marketing inventory, identify order trends, and track order status with easy-to-read, real-time reports.

Discover how Xccelerate can transform your personalized communications strategy, reduce your total cost of ownership, and drive revenue. Contact us to schedule a quick demo today.


Find out how you can take advantage of our custom communications delivery platform to create and manage custom communications right from your desktop. 


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